In the early 1970’s, Porsche Design created the Chronograph 1, the first all-black timepiece in the industry. Then in the 80s, the brand made another first with the Titan watch, made from pure titanium. Now, Porsche Design has developed an entirely new way to start and stop a chronograph.

The MONOBLOC ACTUATOR reinvents the standard button concept found on other chronographs with a switch like design. Similarly to a traditional chronograph, which have a top start button and bottom reset button, the MONOBLOC ACTUATOR works the same, only it has a beautiful rocker design. Even better, it can be operated underwater, unlike most other chronographs on the market.

Lastly, the MONOBLOC ACTUATOR comes housed in a 45.5mm (diameter) by 15.6mm (thick) titanium case, powered by a Valijoux 7754, adding a GMT function. The watch will be available in May, starting at $6,400.