PUMA Replicat-X 1.8 Pirelli Shoe

PUMA has partnered with Pirelli on the Replicat-X 1.8 Pirelli, a sneaker with a unique quick lacing system inspired by the most iconic turbo engines in motorsports. The upper features more layering with a booty construction, making the Replicat-X 1.8 Pirelli even more comfortable. Its body kit has an “oversized” wraparound full rubber outsole with Pirelli’s CINTURATO Blue tread pattern used to increase traction during wet races.

PUMA Replicat-X 1.8 Pirelli

PUMA included the quick lacing system to provide riders a faster start off the day without the need of tying their shoes. The upper features a perforated mesh vamp, with lateral mesh panels for breathability, providing the perfect fit to own the road.

The PUMA Replicat-X 1.8 Pirelli is now available in stores in PUMA Black-Luminous Purple-Sunny Lime, PUMA White-Peacoat-Limepunch and Gray Violet-Sunny Lime-Palace Blue.

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