I wore the Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #AstronElite

When you travel as much as I do, the last thing you want to do after stepping off a 10-hour flight is adjust the time on your watch. Heck, even if it were a short trip across the country from LA to NYC, I still don’t want to change it. With the Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch you don’t have to.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch #AstronElite

By using a global network of GPS satellites, the Seiko Astron is able identify not only the time zone you’re in, but the time and date as well. Once a day the Seiko Astron receives a time signal and will immediately, with out any sort of prompt, connect to four or more of the GPS satellites that orbit the earth, and the hands automatically adjust to the correct local time with Atomic Clock precision.

Seiko Astron Watch #AstroElite

What might be the most notable feature about the Seiko Astron — apart from its slimmer and smaller design of its predecessor — is the fact that it’s self-sustaining. Powered by all types of light, you will never have to buy a new battery for it. Not that buying a battery will break the bank, but who really likes going to the watch repair shop? I know I don’t, and I have a watch collection to prove it.

I’m aware this next statement may come off a bit silly, but it’s true. Since wearing the Seiko Astron, I’ve found myself looking less at my phone for the time, and more at my wrist. With the abundance of technology we have at our finger tips, the simple things like timepieces have turned into more of a fashion accessory and less as a tool to tell time.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch #AstronElite

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch #AstronElite

Learn more about the Seiko Astron series here – http://www.seiko-astron.com