Serengeti Eyewear, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, has announced a significant strategic shift by relocating all its brand operations from Lyon, France, to Carlsbad, California. This move not only marks a return to the brand’s North American roots but also sets the stage for a new era of growth and innovation. By returning to the United States, Serengeti Eyewear is reigniting its “American soul,” a move that is poised to strengthen its historic presence and solidify its position in the competitive eyewear market.

Serengeti Eyewear's Bold Move West

Return to American Soul

Serengeti Eyewear’s journey back to its North American roots is more than a geographic relocation; it’s a strategic realignment with its foundational values and heritage. Founded on the principles of innovation, quality, and craftsmanship, Serengeti has long been celebrated for its pioneering lens technology and commitment to excellence. The decision to move operations from Lyon, France, to Carlsbad, California, is a bold statement of intent, symbolizing a return to the “American soul” that once defined the brand.

François Benaben, President of Sport & Luxury (Serengeti, Bollé, Spy+) at Bollé Brands, articulates the move as a key strategy for leveraging the brand’s historic ties to North America. He emphasizes, “Our decision to bring Serengeti back to its roots in North America aligns with our vision for rapid and robust growth in this key market in addition to our very solid performance in EMEA. We are confident that this move will strengthen our brand’s historic presence and further solidify its position in the region as we continue to build on the legacy of our brands with a relentless focus on the future.” This strategic relocation is envisioned to not only rejuvenate the brand’s connection with its American heritage but also to amplify its growth trajectory in North America.

By anchoring itself in Carlsbad, California, Serengeti Eyewear is poised to tap into the vibrant and innovative spirit that defines the American market. This move is a testament to the brand’s dedication to reconnecting with its American roots, aiming to inspire and invigorate its brand identity while forging a stronger bond with its North American audience.

Focus on Innovation

Innovation has always been at the heart of Serengeti Eyewear, propelling the brand to the forefront of the eyewear industry with its advanced lens technology and commitment to quality. The move to Carlsbad, California, is not just a geographical shift but a strategic step towards fostering an environment where innovation can flourish. California’s reputation as a hub for technology and design makes it the ideal location for Serengeti Eyewear to expand its pioneering efforts in eyewear.

Joe Freitag, the newly appointed Vice President of Brand for Serengeti, underscores the importance of this move in driving innovation. “With such a rich heritage, pioneering lens technology, and focus on craftsmanship and design, our mission will be to replant Serengeti’s roots and reestablish its place as a leading American eyewear brand. This will both amplify our growth in North America and support the momentum of our already strong European business,” Freitag explains. This statement reflects a clear vision for the future, where innovation continues to be the cornerstone of Serengeti Eyewear’s success.

Central to this vision is the brand’s iconic 3-in-1 “Drivers” sun lens technology, which embodies Serengeti’s innovative spirit. These lenses combine Photochromic properties, Spectral Control, and polarization technology to offer an unparalleled visual experience, adjusting to changing light conditions and reducing glare while enhancing contrast and clarity. As Serengeti Eyewear settles into its new California home, it plans to build upon this foundation with the expansion into new categories, including the recent launch of its ophthalmic line. This move signals a commitment to broadening the scope of its technological advancements, ensuring that Serengeti continues to lead the way in eyewear innovation.

The relocation to California opens up new avenues for collaboration and growth, enabling Serengeti Eyewear to tap into the state’s rich pool of talent and resources. This strategic move is poised to accelerate the brand’s research and development efforts, ensuring that Serengeti remains at the cutting edge of eyewear technology. By fostering a culture of innovation, Serengeti Eyewear aims to continue its tradition of excellence, crafting eyewear that offers both style and unparalleled functionality.

Impact and Expectations

The strategic relocation of Serengeti Eyewear to Carlsbad, California, is anticipated to have a profound impact on the brand’s trajectory. This move is not merely a change of address but a significant step towards realizing the brand’s growth ambitions, especially in the specialty optical market—a sector where Serengeti has historically excelled and aims to expand further. The brand’s return to its American roots, coupled with a reinforced focus on innovation, is expected to enhance its competitiveness and appeal in both the North American and global markets.