Now that Fall is well under way, this is the time of year when I start to update my closet with new sweaters for the colder months. I’ve been on the hunt for sweaters made of wool, cashmere and the like to keep me cozy and warm while I leave LA and venture to colder climates. Below you will find 5 of my favorite sweater weather sweaters perfect for Fall and Winter seasons.

Finisterre – Westray Crew

Finisterre Westray Crew Sweater

A traditional fisherman style cable jumper knitted in a Donegal tweed yarn and made from 100% British wool. The wool has had minimal processing and retains the lanolin in the yarn, giving it a natural feel and smell.

Flint and Tinder – 10-Year Crew

Flint and Tinder 10 Year Navy Crew Sweater
Flint and Tinder

The 10-Year Crew is a truly American product, passing through the hands of 20+ American workers on its journey to your doorstep. The uncompromising construction starts with a beefy 23 oz fleece from South Carolina that’s expertly cut, sewn and washed in Los Angeles into a premium sweatshirt that’ll grow with you, the way your favorite sweatshirt should — softer with wear and backed by the stories of a decade.

Taylor Stitch – The Rangeley

Taylor Stitch The Rangeley Sweater
Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch’s design team based it off of the typical guy’s uniform in Scandinavia, where sweaters are a proudly 4-season garment. That means this one is fair game from the fall through the spring, and even on summer nights when temps drop and wind picks up.

Howlin – Birth Of The Cool

Howlin Birth of the Cool Sweater

Since the early ’80s Howlin’ has been making quality knitwear out of Antwerp, with a strong nod to their Irish and Scottish roots. The Birth of the Cool sweater is a true classic: shaggy, warm, and with a boxy fit that’s just this side of relaxed.

Billy Reid – Mouline Cardigan

Billy Reid Mouline Cardigan Sweater
Billy Reid

Billy Reid’s menswear collections have earned him numerous prestigious awards thanks to their sharp fits, custom-developed materials and a keen eye toward manufacturing locations and practices. Threads of different colors are twisted together to form the yarns mouline fabric is made from, giving the Mouline Cardigan its signature heathered look.