Swiss Stays Keeps Your Collar Tips Crisp and Straight

Every guy knows the feeling – your shirt comes back from the dry cleaners and those flimsy plastic collar stays have fallen out. Or perhaps your style sin is even worse – you didn’t know you should be using collar stays in the first place. Collar stays keep the collar tips crisp and straight, without bowing upwards, and they’re an integral part of any guys style arsenal.

Swiss Stays are adjustable, durable collar stays for men. Created by custom clothier and founder of Astor & Black, David Schottenstein, Swiss Stays are the quintessential accessory most men didn’t even know they were missing. Available in four different materials and price points (PVC $8; Stainless Steel $20; Brass $30; and Titanium $50), they come in packs of six and fit all 24 different styles of shirt collars on the market – who knew there were so many?!
Forget about the days of matching up the dry cleaner’s plastic collar stays. Swiss Stays provide ease and convenience with their patented rotating arms; you will never need another collar stay again!

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