Introducing Metal Umbrella’s First Collection: ‘Too Young To Worry’

If you haven’t heard of Metal Umbrella yet, then chances are you aren’t big into the Fortnite community or Twitch streaming, for that matter. But that’s ok; I’m here to fill you in.

Mega popular streamer and content creator Ali Hassan, better known as SypherPK, has just released his latest project, Metal Umbrella. No, not another gaming YouTube channel, though I think many of his followers thought that was the big announcement–including me.

SypherPK Metal Umbrella founder

Ali Hassan, aka. SypherPK

Dropping on August 5th, 2021, the new lifestyle apparel brand will release its first collection, “Too Young to Worry,” featuring complete wardrobe staples including tees, hoodies, joggers, hats, bandanas, and their first limited-edition piece, an electric blue “Defy Destiny” hoodie.

Peep the first Metal Umbrella collection below and mark your calendars for August 5th. They’re currently offering a discount for those who join their mailing list on their site that can be used when the collection officially drops. Head over to and sign up.

Metal Umbrella shirts SypherPK modeling Metal Umbrella sweatshirt Metal Umbrella shirts Metal Umbrella shirts Metal Umbrella lifestyle shot Metal Umbrella hoodie Metal Umbrella group shot Metal Umbrella apparel Metal Umbrella t-shirt

Photos courtesy of Metal Umbrella

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