Girl wearing caffeinated hoodie from the Caffeinated Collection

There are few things that make me happier than a good cup of coffee. I can’t be the only one to go to bed thinking about my morning rituals, right?

Here’s how a typical day for me usually goes:

  1. Wake up, stumble to my bathroom, and splash some water on my face.
  2. Next, I head into the kitchen and start a large pot of coffee. There is nothing better than opening up your coffee and taking a big ol’ whiff.
  3. While the coffee is brewing, I take some time to clear my brain with some mediation. Thanks again for the awesome mediation pillow, Sarah (wifey)!
  4. About the time it takes for me to complete my mediation session, so does the coffee.
  5. I grab my favorite ‘Caffeinated Mug‘ and get to sipping.

NOW I can actually start my day off like a human being. And to make sure the world knows I’m ready to conquer it, I will usually slip on a tee or hoodie from How Did I Get Here’sCaffeinated Collection‘.

Woman holding caffeinated coffee mug

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