If you’re a traveler, the Casio Edifice (EQB600D) Bluetooth Watch might be the timepiece for you. Casio’s Mobile Link Technology helps provide Edifice wearers with the most accurate timekeeping by dialing into their current location, as well as 300 cities worldwide. This also includes proper Daylight Saving Time correcting.

The Casio Edifice’s main dial features the Home Time (the time and date of the watch owners home city), while the inset 3D globe dial displays the current timezone he or she is currently in. If its preferred the other way around, users can simply switch it with a press of a button.

EQB600D Smartphone Link Technology

So how exactly does the watch update its time and remain so accurate? The watch is linked to your smartphone, which will provide the correct and accurate timezones of the aforementioned 300 cities. Linking to the app on your smartphone also allows access to apps available for adjusting various settings and adding control to a variety of other watch functions.

Learn more about the Casio Edifice EQB600D Bluetooth watch here, or you can order it on Amazon.