For better or worse, NFTs are here to stay. Some are collectible, while others serve major utility in the metaverse and IRL. I’m personally all-in on the non-fungible tokens and believe in their future.

One of the OG NFTs that rocketed to fame last year was CryptoPunks, recently acquired by Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club. Collectors of the project are diehard and show it by getting tattoos, t-shirts made, and more. Take Alexandre Arnault for example. The former CEO of RIMOWA, now the newly hired Executive Vice President of Product and Communications for Tiffany & Co., recently turned his punk into a rose gold and enamel pendant of CryptoPunk #3167. As shown above, the pendant features sapphire and Mozambique baguette ruby stones that make up the 3D glasses while a yellow diamond completes the earring.

For those curious about my NFT collection can view it here on OpenSea.