In the panorama of high fashion meets high function, the dynamic pairing of Timex and Todd Snyder unveils a stylish new timepiece, the Blackout Expedition North, a seamless blend of rugged durability and contemporary aesthetics. It’s the latest treasure born from the innovative collaboration between Todd Snyder and Timex, renowned for their exquisite and versatile timepieces.

Setting the Scene for Adventure

As the leaves start to shift their shades, signaling the arrival of the fall-winter season, many of us find solace in the beauty of the great outdoors, craving the thrill of a road trip or the peace of a walk in the park. Whether you are navigating the rugged terrains upstate in a classic Gelandewagen or meandering through serene landscapes, this exclusive timepiece is designed to be your companion in all adventures.

Timex x Todd Snyder Blackout Expedition North

Todd Snyder’s vision was clear, to create a watch that complemented the modern adventurer, who might be clad in hiking boots and a puffer jacket, heading out into the unknown. “I wanted a rugged watch that was more modern and sleek than a vintage field watch…” Todd explains, visualizing a piece versatile enough to suit the aesthetic of a modern-day explorer, whether they find themselves at a roadside diner or on a mountain trail.

Design & Aesthetics

This remarkable timepiece boasts a chic, monochromatic solid black design, setting it apart as a contemporary classic. Every detail of the watch reflects meticulous thought and precision—be it the black IP stainless steel case, the elegant black leather strap, or the sophisticated black dial. It’s a design that promises sleek modernity coupled with timeless elegance, making it a versatile accessory for any wardrobe.

Timex x Todd Snyder Blackout Expedition North

Timex x Todd Snyder Blackout Expedition North

The Blackout Expedition North doesn’t just stop at being a visual marvel; it is the first of its kind in the collection to feature solar power, offering a reliable solar movement with an impressive up to 4-month power reserve, echoing the enduring spirit of adventure.

Functionality Meets Elegance

The Blackout Expedition North is not just about sophisticated design; it’s about supreme functionality as well. The watch is designed to endure, featuring Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal and luminant hands to ensure optimal visibility, a crucial feature for any adventurer. With a 41MM case and 20MM lug, the size is substantial yet refined, striking the perfect balance between presence and elegance.

Timex x Todd Snyder Blackout Expedition North

Importantly, the water resistance of up to 100 meters means whether you find yourself caught in a downpour or deciding to take an impromptu dive, the watch is designed to withstand the elements, allowing you to embrace the spontaneity of your adventures without concern for your timepiece.

Availability & Pricing

For those ready to make a statement this season, the Timex x Todd Snyder Blackout Expedition North is available for purchase at and at all retail locations, retailing for $179. It’s a small price to pay for a piece that promises to be a reliable and stylish companion through all your fall-winter adventures, blending seamlessly with every outfit and occasion.

The Timex x Todd Snyder Blackout Expedition North is a harmonious marriage of timeless elegance and modern adventure. It’s a versatile piece that speaks to the soul of the modern explorer, promising reliability, elegance, and functionality. Whether you’re on a thrilling expedition or simply enjoying the beauty of everyday moments, this timepiece is designed to be by your side, accentuating your style and complementing your adventures.