Watch Gang Unboxing

I’d consider myself a watch collector—or at least well on my way to being one. I haven’t dabbled in the vintages just yet, but I do have a pretty sweet collection so far that I’m very fond of. My current favorite is my two-tone Rolex Submariner I purchased a few years back. You might have seen it on my Instagram, since I tend to travel with it a lot and it ends up in photos. Because of my collection and overall obsession with timepieces, my friends come to me for watch advice whenever they’re looking for something new, whether it be for themselves or as a gift. I’d say the majority of them aren’t looking to purchase something as pricey as a Rolex or an Omega, but still want something they can be proud to wear. For this very reason, I’m proud to present Watch Gang–the world’s #1 watch of the month club.

How Watch Gang Works

What exactly is Watch Gang? Think of it as the ultimate watch club–the ideal gift for anyone not sure exactly what model they want to buy, but knows the look they’re going for.

Watch Gang works by pairing you with the best watch possible. You first need to pick which subscription you prefer: Original $29/watch – watches worth up to $150; Black $99/watch – watches worth up to $500; or Platinum $299/watch – watches worth up to $1500. Once selected, members will receive a watch to keep each month worth 5x more than the membership fee. Each watch is sourced from partners that are authentic and of the highest quality, so you can be sure what you’ll get is going to be good.

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I decided to try Watch Gang‘s Black Tier subscription. For my first watch of the month, I received a HERITOR watch from their Morrison Collection. It’s quite stunning.

Heritor Watch Unboxing Close-up of my Heritor watch

I was super excited once my first watch arrived. The anticipation was killing from the time I clicked buy to the moment I began unboxing it. I had no idea what brand, model or the overall look would be, but I had a feeling it was going to be good.  I am really happy with my first HERITOR watch, a brand I was unfamiliar with until I unboxed it.

The benefits of being a Watch Gang member is far greater than receiving a watch up to 5x the membership price. For example, every week, all members have a chance to win a Tag Heuer every Tuesday and a Rolex every Friday. Additionally, members gain exclusive access to private Facebook Group with over 27k members, the Watch Gang Exchange, where only members can buy, trade and sell watches with other members. You will also have access to The Wheel of Watches (, where you can spin an interactive wheel filled with watches you choose and have another chance to win a Tag, Rolex, etc.

I really think Watch Gang makes for a great gift this holiday season, or for any occasion, really. It works perfectly for low-end everyday watches to high-end collectibles. For someone like me I could see myself using their Black Tier subscription for a long time; possibly even upgrade to their Platinum Tier. It’s a great way to really begin building your collection.

Get started with Watch Gang today by visiting their Subscription page online. Use code JOE10 for 10% off your order!