United Arrows & Sons x Greats Slip-Ons

Greats has teamed up with Japanese retail specialist United Arrows & Sons on an exclusive collaboration — United Arrows & Sons x Greats Slip-Ons ($260 USD).

For the United Arrows & Sons x Greats collaboration they remixed Greats classic silhouette, the Wooster with United Arrows & Sons’ archival sashiko fabrics. Motofumi Kogi, aka “Poggy”, has been looking for a footwear brand to partner with to use traditional Japanese fabric. More specifically, he wanted to use Sashiko, which when translated means, “little stabs”.  It’s a form of decorative stitching used traditionally when trying to reinforce or repair a point of wear. You can pick it out fairly easy by its distinct appearance of white cotton thread on traditional indigo cloth.

The United Arrows & Sons x Greats shoe has an upper blend of Italian veg tan leather and a sashiko design. On the back is a custom brass United Arrows & Sons ampersand logo snap that can be unsnapped and used as a pull tab. Similar to Greats inline Woosters, the inside is lined with vachetta leather, and sits on top of an avorio-colored Margom sole.

The United Arrows & Sons x Greats Slip-Ons are available now.

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