Today marks the official launch of Wallpapr, a new clothing brand from friends, Kevin Gosselin and Dana Morris. Their clothing idea started back in 2013 when they both bonded over creating what they call “wallpaper kits,” an outfit comprised of a shirt and shorts printed with the same pattern. The two loved how the kits would transform a boring old party, music festival or wedding into a themed party whenever they wore one, so naturally they started to create their own.

The first two Wallpapr Kits to launch the brand are named Victorian and Parrotdise (shown), both of which are available for men and women. In the beginning they were designing just for guys, but later realized how epic it would be to match their significant other, and we couldn’t agree more. Take a look:

Wallpapr Victorian Kit Couple

I’m looking forward to following the success of Wallpapr as they come out with new “Wallpapr Kits.” I recommend you giving their Instagram a follow to see what they drop next.

WALLPAPR launches tomorrow! Get your Kits at #wallpaprkit

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