There are very few gifts that come with an added bonus, let alone an added bonus that gives back to Mother Nature. I’ve found that when I’m shopping for the right gift for someone, in this case Dad for Father’s Day, I look for something that is both eco-friendly and functional. In this case, a wooden watch or wooden sunglasses from WeWOOD.

WeWOOD watches are hypo-allergenic, made from 100% natural wood, and completely free of toxic chemicals, while their sunglasses are made of a new, eco-friendly technology that uses cotton fibers. What’s more, for each product that is sold, WeWOOD plants a tree in your honor.

WeWOOD – Plant a Tree

How cool is it that you are able to say, “Hey Dad, happy Father’s Day. Here’s a sweet, eco-friendly watch made of 100% wood. Oh, and I also had a tree planted in your honor as well.” NBD.

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WeWOOD was kind enough to send over one of each item mentioned above: The Kappa Nut timepiece & The Crux Iroko Crema eyewear. Both can be found over on their Father’s Day Collection.

WeWOOD Products

WeWOOD Watches

Whether your Dad needs a new watch or a new pair of shades, I’m certain he will love an eco-friendly gift from WeWOOD. There aren’t many companies out on the market that give back to nature, while also providing you with a killer product, so what’s not to love?