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AirPods Case

Saint Laurent AirPods Case

Saint Laurent Releases a Leather AirPods Case

Saint Laurent is the latest luxe brand to create a special carrying case for Apple AirPods, though not for the new AirPods Pro, which comes in a wider charging case.
Elago's Apple Macintosh-Inspired AirPods Case

Elago’s Apple Macintosh-Inspired AirPods Case

Paying homage to the earlier days of Apple, Elago–known for its retro-inspired accessories–has created a unique AirPods case that resembles the beloved Apple Macintosh computer that was released back in 1984.
Water Proof Air Pod Case

Waterproof & Shock Protection for Your AirPods Case

While I’ve always prided myself on taking good care of my electronics, that doesn’t always mean they’re going to be safe. Between travel, a clumsy spouse, and the occasional human error there’re still plenty of ways for tech to get ruined.