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Charlie Bell Echo Clock

Charlie Bell Echo Clock

Alarms clocks are a thing of the past. These days, if you want to be reminded when it’s time to get up, you use your phone’s built-in alarm clock.

Bacon Scented Alarm Clock

Bacon Scented iPhone Alarm Clock

Remember waking up as a kid and smelling your mom’s cooking down stairs? The smell and crackling sound of bacon had all of us meatlovers sprinting to the kitchen. “Wake Up & Smell The Bacon” is a new gadget created by Oscar Mayer, and it works seamlessly with your iPhone’s alarm clock.

Bandai Gun Alarm Clock

How many people can relate to this? You’re in a deep sleep with some sexy counter-part when all of a sudden your alarm goes off, “HIDE YOUR KIDS, HIDE YOUR WIFE”. Read more after the jump…