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Cluttered Cabinet

Spring Cleaning: My Grooming Products

As a self-titled men’s lifestyle writer, I’ve collected my fair share of grooming products to test over the last few years. Now that Spring has arrived, I felt it was time to finally tear apart my grooming cupboard and give it the Spring Cleaning it deserved.

Travel Essentials For Any Weekend Festivities

Travel Essentials From PORTMANTOS

As someone who travels often, I know a thing or two about travel essentials. Or at least I like to think I do. Outside of the crazy security lines and crappy airport food, you’re left with only the items you can carry with you. So make sure you pack accordingly.

Baxter of California’s Travel Kit

The holidays are here, and with that we pack our bags and travel to the in-laws’ house. Men, this year I recommend packing Baxter of California’s new Travel Kit.