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Digital Ninja

This is the definition of most of the web these days. People Tweeting, Tumbling, and blogging, but not having enough knowledge about the topic they’re writing about.

My Top 5 iPad apps so far

So I have been playing with my iPad for a total of 3 days now and thought it would be nice to post my favorite Apps thus far. I’m only going to talk about 5 of them this go around because I’m sure I’ll have a ton more real soon as they start to flood the App Store.

Ask me a question!

With the constant effort of making JoesDaily an interactive website I’ve created a FormSpring account. What is FormSpring you ask? It’s...

Random talks with JoesDaily

HAHA. Okay so I was bored and hungover when I made this video. I think I found a cure for my...

I’m back! p90x here I come!

Okay okay, so I know I’ve been gone for a bit and I’m sorry for that. I’m actually at work right...