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The Walking Dead: Second Season (Limited Edition)

uying DVDs and Blu-rays are a thing of the past. These days you can queue up your iTunes and purchase a full season of your favorite show without ever leaving your couch. There are however a few occasions when purchasing a DVD set is worth it.

Coca-Cola Space Invader Edition

Talented young designer Erin McGuire believes in retro Coke cans. She designed the popular soft drink to have Space Invaders all over it’s can. See the cans after the jump…

Peter Gregson Coca-Cola Collectible Cans

Celebrating Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary, Peter Gregson designed 6 collectible cans. Each can was designed using old ads from the ’30s and ’40s to create a unique style which gave them a new feel, while showing Coke’s longevity.