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Vine Commercial

First Commercial for Vine Using Vine

Let’s be real, do you think 6-seconds is long enough to create anything amazing in Vine? Maybe, but how about trying to create a commercial for Vine using, well, Vine?

Will Ferrell Super Bowl Commercial

Will Ferrell tops Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial

Super Bowl 2013 has been over for a few weeks now but a few of the commercials are still lingering. The Go Daddy Make-Out Commercial featuring Bar Refaeli will forever be engraved into our brains, but what if I was to tell you Will Ferrell actually out does that one?

X-Rated iPad Mini Commercial

Even before the iPad Mini hit stores on November 2nd, it was receiving the parody treatment. First JacksFilms did his usual take on Apple’s new product announcements, now TimeToGetEpic takes a whack at it in this x-rated skit.

Weetabix Cereal Dubstep Advert

This is why Dubstep was created. For use in commercials with clever editing and dancing stuffed animals. No, but really, this is one of the coolest adverts I have seen in awhile.

Skittles: Newlyweds [NSFW]

These are the type of commercials we need to have in the US. The comedic directing duo, Cousins, go wild on a fake ad spot for the rainbow candy. I’m sure Skittles won’t be to happy when seeing this but at least they were able to match the filming style they usually go for.

Forehead Tittaes

Men, we no longer have a reason to look at a woman’s chest! Not when they have these beauties to distract us to their faces. Forehead Tittaes by Janae.

Cadbury Flake Commercial

Cadbury should go into making commercials full time or at least partner up with whomever is making them for them. I know many would ask what does this have to do with chocolate? That doesn’t even come as a question for me. The beauty and quality of all their commercials supersede even asking what were they thinking.