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Vegan Bacon Olive Oil

Finally, use to be meat eaters can enjoy the lovely taste of bacon once again, thanks to Bacon Olive Oil by Queen Creek Olive Mill.

Pig Cooking Lid

A unique soft silicone lid with a pig’s face. It’s snout acts as an opening so you can evenly cook your food while steam is released.

Cast-Iron Bacon Press

Need a HEAVY stocking stuffer? Throw this Cast-Iron Bacon Press into the sock for the bacon you’ll be cooking up Christmas morning.

Esquire: Eat Like a Man

So Memorial Day is over and you now have nothing to look forward to but nasty left over food from the BBQ you had. Don’t fret my meat-lover friend, there is a light at the end of this dreary tunnel…

Make some Flower Eggs this Sunday

Make your significant other some special eggs this Sunday!

If this doesn’t score you some points I don’t know what will. Call Dr. Phil.