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Diamond Atelier Custom BMW R100R

Diamond Atelier’s Custom BMW R100R

Diamond Atelier didn’t let the abundance of custom BMW motorcycles in Munich — where they’re located — stop them from creating something spectacular.

Nike Photo ID shoe series

Custom Nike Shoes Using Your Instagram

That picture you on Instagram of your salad at lunch, it can also be the inspiration for your next pair of Nike shoes. Having the capability of turning Instagram photos into a wide range of items, it was only a matter of time until someone thought of the idea of making shoes based on them.

Batman Cave Theater

Dark Knight Rises Inspired Theater

Apparently there are really Bruce Wayne’s out there. The folks over at Elite Home Theater Seating have put together a concept for a Dark Knight Rises inspired theater based in California that will simply blow your mind.

Floppy Disk Coasters with Custom Engraving

I can’t even begin to express the nostalgia I feel when I see a floppy disk. Playing the Jazz the Jack Rabbit game I got at a dollar store provided me with hours of fun as a child, and was all stored on one floppy.

Honda CL360 Custom

While browsing BikeExif I found this sexy Honda CL360 Custom bike. Guy Bolton of Greasy Kulture magazine sent them the photos and a little about the bike.