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Star Wars Mood Lights

Star Wars Mood Lights

With the new Star Wars movie getting ready for release at the tail end of 2015, why not add some mood lighting to your space with the Star Wars Mood Lighting.

Alternate Pac-Man

Alternate Pac-Man (Pac-Men)

I like to think that this is why Reddit was created. User yougruesomehare felt the urge to draw Batman as Pac-Man, and as he says, “it escalated”. This is easily one of the coolest Pac-Man fan arts I’ve seen to date.

Superheroes in Old War Photos

Photographer Agan Harahap from Indonesia has found a way to implement our superhero pop culture icons into old vintage photos from the past. See the manipulations after the jump…

Old Timey Star Wars Illustrations

There isn’t really anything to say about these illustrations except for how awesome they are. Nick Agin did the Star Wars illustrations for his own personal exploration of the George Lucas characters.

Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler 2

Could this be the evilest rap battle in history? Technically I don’t think there were many rap battles in history, but if there were this is exactly what would go down. See the video after the jump…

Epic Rap Battles of History

These videos by NicePeter are simply amazing. If they don’t make you laugh then I feel bad for you and your lack of sense of humor.