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Bring Back the Boom music video

Bring Back the Boom – Cole Plante Music Video

To get excited for this weekend’s IGA after party, I’ve been listening to Cole Plante’s Bring Back the Boom track. Watch the official music video for it below produced by Machinima’s TeaAndMinecraft.

“Jump Into My Fiery Eyes” by EOS

Does age really matter when it comes to talent? I certainly think not, but it sure does have an effect on how you look at someone. Enter 16 year old DJ EOS who knows how to make the beat drop… hard!

“Thriller” – Michael Jackson (Aylen Remix)

‘Thriller’ has to be one of Michael Jackson’s top 5 most popular songs and one of my personal favorites. DJ Aylen remixes his own take on the classic and kills it! Check out the track after the jump…

Become a DJ with Djay

It no longer takes 2 turn-tables and a microphone to become a DJ. Gear up with an iPad, the app Djay ($20), and you’ll be mixing in no time.