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Halo: Nightfall Series

Watch the Trailer for Ridley Scott’s Halo: Nightfall Series

It’s finally here! The first official full-length trailer for Halo: Nightfall has debuted and it looks bad ass. Executive produced by Ridley Scott, this live-action series follows Mike Colter’s character, Jameson Locke, as he investigates a biological weapon affecting the human race.

Master Chief Halo 4

Thoughts on Halo 4

The long wait is over and Halo 4 is finally here. I got my hands on it a few weeks ago and played the hell out of it. A question stirring in many fan minds: “Is it as good as the original Halo (1 2 or 3) or is it similar to Reach?”

Alternate Pac-Man

Alternate Pac-Man (Pac-Men)

I like to think that this is why Reddit was created. User yougruesomehare felt the urge to draw Batman as Pac-Man, and as he says, “it escalated”. This is easily one of the coolest Pac-Man fan arts I’ve seen to date.

Master Chief Halo 4

Halo 4 Gameplay: E3 2012

I’m really excited to show you the first gameplay footage from the much anticipated Halo 4. This is fresh off of the E3 floor and just waiting for Halo geeks to drool. See the video after the jump…

Halo 4: First Look

’ve died and gone to Halo heaven. The first look at Halo 4 has arrived and I suddenly feel all-warm inside. Is it Christmas already? See the video after the jump…

Halo 4 (Teaser)

Master Chief is back to kick-off a whole new trilogy. The game is scheduled to launch Holiday 2012 but I’m hoping by some miracle it will release sooner. What do you think of the teaser? Leave your comments after the jump…

Halo: Reach – Deliver Hope

Holy awesome! I’ve been out of the Halo loop since I sold my XBOX but god damn. This video looks sweet. It’s a live action cinematic piece for Halo: Reach. Enjoy!