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EDC Flashlights You Should Own

7 EDC Flashlights You Should Own

The other day while trying to find something in my closet, which happens to have a broken light, it dawned on me I didn’t have a flashlight in my home.

Buckle Up Key Holder

How many times have you lost your keys around your house? I know I have and it’s super frustrating. Well thankfully we have things like the Buckle Up Key Holder.

Screwpop: 4-in-1 Keychain Tool

The guys over at ScrewPop Tool, LLC was nice enough to send me over one of their tools to try out. It’s a nifty little keychain tool with many uses.

Sun Bum’s Ape Face is now a doll

Bigshot Toyworks took Sun Bum’s Ape Face logo and converted it into 16″ tall vinyl toy as well as little 2.5″ key chain versions. Sales for the figurines have been high and a reorder has already been sent to BigShot. Congrats!