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GTA V Lightsaber Battle

Watch this GTA V Lightsaber Battle

I wasn’t aware GTA V received a lightsaber mod, but I want it! YouTuber Boris the Blade spent a month and a half doing all of the effects in Adobe After Effects to create this killer battle between Darth Trevor and Michael Kenobi.

Norwegian Recycling – Whitney

Norwegian Recycling commemorates the sad news of Whitney Houston’s death with a beautiful mashup of songs from Whitney, Adele, and more!

Norwegian Recycling – Good Feeling

Every month Norwegian Recycling sends me his newest mashup, and I can’t say enough about them. I was a tad late putting this one up but none the less, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Norwegian Recycling – Paradise

Norwegian Recycling’s newest mashup ‘Paradise’ is simply beautiful. The song combines some of the best new and old artist’s out there, with Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’ as the base track. Check out the video and see for yourself.

Mario Portals Test

This has to be one of the coolest hacks I have ever seen in gaming. YouTuber’ Maurice1000 does a mashup of two of the most popular games in history; Portal and Super Mario. See the video after the jump…