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Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale - "Misconceptions"
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“Misconceptions”, Newcastle Reminds Us We Aren’t Idiots

If you aren't a fan of stout or dark beers, you might pass on a Newcastle Brown Ale. Matter of fact, I've been known to pass because of its dark brown color that I assumed was heavy tasting.
Super Bowl XLVIII Ads

5 Pre-Super Bowl XLVIII Ads You Have to See

There is nothing more exciting than Super Bowl Sunday. You have endless food and drinks with your buds, an exciting football game, and best of all, some pretty awesome commercials.
Newcastle Non-Superbowl ad

Newcastle Made the Funniest Non-Super Bowl Ad Ever

It seems as though Newcastle is going for the viral video approach for this year's Super Bowl, and it's working. Instead of spending millions on an ad spot for the big game not featuring my New England Patriots (grr), the popular beer company has taken to the Internet to showcase the things they would have done if they had a big budget.