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Word. Notebooks

Word. Notebooks

Having a pocket notebook is a must-have for the creative mind. Sure, we all have our smartphones that can do almost anything for us, but what we don’t have is the sense of separation a notebook and pencil provide us.

Evernote Moleskin

Moleskin and Evernote had a baby together

I’ve died and gone to sketchbook heaven. Moleskin and Evernote have teamed up to make what we think could be the coolest sketchbook ever. It’s called the Smart Notebook, and features the beautiful style you expect from Moleskin, with the added bonus of Evernote’s technology.

A Bathing Ape Ring Notebooks

There’s a new exclusive coming to the Bathing Ape card members in the coming weeks. Spiral bound notebooks that feature either the classic Bape head or Baby Milo. Stay tuned for when these are officially released.

Armed Notebooks

Whenever I’m jotting down my rap lyrics I don’t like to use the typical moleskin notebook. I prefer using the Black Notebook Series with 3D covers.