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Fifty Shades of Steve Buscemi

Fifty Shades of Steve Buscemi?

Let's face it, guys. The only way we would see 50 Shades of Grey in theaters is if our girlfriend, or the hot little Philly in the cubicle down the hall begged us to see it.
itsAlexClark Cartoons - Drunk Cat in the Hat

Drunk Cat in the Hat by itsAlexClark Cartoons

Growing up my parents would always read me books before bed. I was smitten with Dr. Seuss books and his whacky characters -- from the Lorax to The Cat in the Hat. itsAlexClark Cartoons has partnered up with SlugBooks to re-imagine what The Cat in the Hat would be like had he entered a house filled with teenagers.
Steve Kardynal Wrecking Ball Parody

Steve Kardynal Makes the ONLY Wrecking Ball Parody that Matters

Steve Kardynal has made quite possibly the best Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' parody ever. Using the sometimes penis infested Chatroulette, Steve was able to reenact almost the entire video wearing practically nothing with the help of his roulette victims
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