First off, who would have guessed that Jerry Seinfeld and Wale were good friends? Second, who would have guessed that Jerry was the one who instigated Wale into calling Complex Magazine and ripping them a new you know what?

You may remember back in 2013 when the rapper’s heated phone call with the entertainment magazine went viral. Wale was not too stoked to find his album off of Complex’s 50 Best Albums of 2013, and proceeded to go berserk on one of the head writers.

Thankfully Wale and Complex have squashed their beef and is showing the world in the funniest way possible. Using comedy genius Jerry Seinfeld as the scapegoat, the video above paints a different picture of what went down that day the call happened. As in, Seinfeld was the so-called reason behind Wale calling Complex and getting into a heated discussion about their top 50 list.

Watch it above and try not to fall in love with Jerry and Wale’s friendship. If only it were real!