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Simpsons Impressions by Brock Baker

33 Simpsons Impressions by Brock Baker

These days, kids don’t spend more than a few minutes on a video before getting bored and moving onto the next. That’s not the case when Brock Baker puts out a new video.

18 Examples of Awesome Latte Art

One of my favorite things to do is sit down with my computer and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. There is nothing better than when a barista whips up a cool design on top of your latte.

Simpsons World Book

You think you know everything about the Simpsons? Think not! Simpsons World is a HUGE book that devotes a few pages for each episode in their amazing 20-season run.

Banksy directed Simpson intro

British graffiti artist Banksy directs opening sequence to The Simpsons. It’s genius, yet depressing at the same time. You can tell he loves pushing the envelope. Bravo!