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Absolut Vodka Pillows

Exploring Sweden with Absolut Vodka

I was invited to Sweden to learn about Absolut Vodka’s brand outside of just its delicious clear spirit. While visiting Åhus — the location Absolut is distilled, bottled, and distributed — I captured the beauty of both the brand and their country using slowmo video on my iPhone 6.

1000 fps Slip n' Slide

Slip n’ Slide at 1000 fps

The weather is starting to cool and beach days are coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can have one last hurrah. Watch a bunch of friends take to a slip n’ slide at 1000 fps.

Alan Rickman slow motion

Alan Rickman is Even Bad Ass in Super Slow-Motion

Just when I thought Alan Rickman couldn’t get any cooler, David Michalek goes and puts him in super slow-motion. This short clip that in real-time lasts only 10-15 was slowed down to minutes, is part of a project by Michalek called Portraits in Dramatic Time.

720 double kickflip at 1000 fps

Skateboarder Robbyn Magby lands not one but two 720 double flips off the kicker at Riley skatepark in Farmington Hills, MI. See the video after the jump…

Exploding Cakes

This is the coolest video I have seen in a long time. Not only do I love the music, but who doesn’t LOVE exploding cakes in slow motion? This is the official music video for Autoerotique’s “Turn Up the Volume”.