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Comic Book Heroes by Stefani Rennee

Comic book heroes are some of the most noticeable faces in pop culture. There is no mistaking Spiderman’s suit or Thor’s hammer. Take a look at the talented Brazilian digital artist Stefani Rennee’s rendition of some of the most famous comic book heroes to date.

Superhero Kids by Andy Fairhurst

I stumbled upon artist Andy Fairhurst while browsing Deviant Art this afternoon. It seems like all I see these days are posts about superheroes and Avengers fan art.

Superheroes in Old War Photos

Photographer Agan Harahap from Indonesia has found a way to implement our superhero pop culture icons into old vintage photos from the past. See the manipulations after the jump…

The Amazing-Spiderman Trailer

The latest trailer for The Amazing-Spiderman is here, and it looks WAY more bad ass than the first. I’m excited to see the so-called “Untold Story” and how it differs from its predecessor. See the video after the jump…

Mona Spidey

Spider-man has never looked more classy than he does as the Mona Spidey. This t-shirt is certainly one of a kind. A perfect under-shirt for your favorite button down sweater.

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer (Parody)

My good friend JacksFilms parodies the new ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ trailer. He says exactly what everyone was thinking while watching the original trailer, achievement unlocks and all! :)