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Spider-Man Parkour

Here’s How Spider-Man Gets Around on Foot

When Spider-Man’s webbing stops working, how does he get around? YouTube channel Ronnie Street Stunts created The Amazing Spider-Man Parkour, a three-minute video shot in 4k using a drone and handheld cameras.

Parkour Dog

Oh, so your dog can sit and play dead? Well this guys pup can do parkour! TreT is a dog from the Ukraine who puts some of the best parkour stuntmen to shame.

Pogo GoPro

A bunch of crazy professional pogo stuntman doing tricks with the GoPro Hero attached. The things they do are insane!

Damien Walters 2011 Showreel

I knew this guy was great, but his 2011 showreel blew me away! Damien Walters is best known for his free running, parkour antics, and can now put professional stuntman on the list.

The Mega Ramp

The name explains it all. A ramp the size of an apartment complex needs no other introduction. The Mega Ramp is an actual traveling concept where a group of people tour the world to build the ramp and have skateboarders launch off off it in front of an audience. See the video after the jump…