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The Walking Dead VFX

The Walking Dead: S3 VFX

We should all thank Stargate Studios for the awesome VFX in AMC’s The Walking Dead. They’re the ones responsible for all of the head smashing, machete slicing, and cross bow killing we’ve come to love.

Battlefield 3 in real life

I won’t lie and say I thought Battlefield 3 (BF3) was going to kill Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) when they both came out. In the beginning I was a stickler and said that MW3 would kill Battlefield.. I was wrong. When I play Battlefield 3 I feel like these guys.

Dubstep Guns

Corridor Digital and Mike Diva combine to create ‘The Drop Squad’. A bad-ass bunch who use the power of heavy electronic beats and dubstep to fire laser beams. Check the video out after the jump…

Maxime Luere’s Demoreel

CG Lead Artist Maxime Luere is absolutely amazing. Don’t believe me? Watch his impressive demoreel below. I really admire the guy because I went to school for this type of thing.