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Wooden Deck of Cards

Wooden Playing Cards

Step up your poker game with this beautiful deck of wooden playing cards. These are the kind of cards you play with while sipping whiskey and smoking a cigar

Wooden Bow Ties

If you’re looking to stand out this Holiday season I would recommend trying one of Two Guys Bow Ties. Each of their bow ties are handmade using the highest quality woods and fabrics.

WoodSnap - Girl with guitar

WoodSnap: Your Photos on Wood

Framing your photos can be a pain in the ass. Trying to keep all the frames looking consistent so one doesn’t stand out more than the others can feel like a full-time job.

WTAPS Silver and Wood Skull Bracelet

I’m not quite sure what my recent obsession with skulls are (promise I’m not going emo), but I have recently purchased a few accessories that sport them. For WTAPS Spring/Summer 2012 collection they created this stellar wood and silver skull bracelet.

Ballista Kit – A catapult for your desk

Now you can fend off those pesky co-workers trying to steal your goodies on your desk. Using the ‘Ballista Kit’, essentially a catapult, you can shoot them before they get too close.

Distressed Old Barn Flask

Not that I condone drinking in public, but if I felt the sudden urge to kick back my favorite vodka, I’d do it with this flask.

John Houshmand’s Low Table

Talk about a dream table. John Houshmand’s Low Table is a remarkable piece of furniture. It’s made up of black walnut, with hand crafted details and acrylic legs. See more photos after the jump…

Log Chess Set by Peter Marigold

The Log Chess Set by Peter Marigold leaves me speechless. Each set is unique due to the way Marigold designed them. They’re crafted out of single branch, plywood and graphite.