Have an Amazon Echo? Try this phrase: “Alexa, make my life easier.” Pretty cool, right? We are surrounded by technology, yet sadly, probably not using it to its fullest capabilities.

I recently discovered a number of Amazon Alexa “Life Hacks” that previously I had no idea even existed. If I’m being completely honest, up until finding said Alexa Skills, I was only using my Amazon Echo to set timers and occasionally play music. Little did I know that I had this massively powerful tool surrounding me throughout my home.

My wife will tell you that I’m a self help, make my life as easiest possible, kinda guy. Naturally I gravitate towards anything, especially technology, that is trying to make me more organized and on track with my goals. To see what I mean by this, allow me to share with you 3 of my favorite Amazon Alexa “Life Hacks” that I use everyday.

1. Budget Bot

Budget Bot Alexa Skill Amazon Alexa Life Hacks

I’m a huge finance and budget planning nerd, so I was so excited to learn that I could keep track of my overall budgeting via my Amazon Alexa with Budget Bot. For example, I could say something like, “Alexa, tell Budget Bot I spent $300 on my car” or “Alexa, ask Budget Bot how much I spent on fast food this year.” Additionally, Budget Bot will also help you with personalized spending tips after a month of learning about your habits, as well as notify you if you are spending more than you planned in a certain category.

2. Lyfe Trak

My Amazon Echo situation

In addition to my love of budgeting, I’m also a fan of setting up my life goals. Lyfe Trak allows me to easily keep track of all the goals I’ve set, as well as provide a breakdown in metrics on where I stand and a little extra motivation to get them done. Want to read more? Setup a metric and then ask Lyfe Trak how you’re doing. “Alexa, check m progress on reading in the last week.”

Here are a few Lyfe Trak life goals I’ve setup for myself: reading, cooking, walking, and streaming on Mixer.

3. My Pod

My Pod Amazon Alexa Skill

Whether you’re new to podcasts or already an avid user, I recommend you checking out the My Pod Alexa Skill. My Pod allows you to create custom playlists using everything from a podcast, audio, text RSS feeds, MP3’s, internet radio, audio books and more! You can even link to your favorite web site to get Alexa to read the main content text to you.

I personally store a lot of audio files I’ve been meaning to listen to in my Google Drive for later use, which is also supported by My Pod. It’s a great way to catch up on everything you’ve been putting off while in the comfort of your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or wherever else you might have your Amazon Alexa device.

Amazon Echo on Bar

But wait, there’s more!

You didn’t think that was it, did you? The the three Alexa “Life Hacks” above are my current everyday favorites, however those just skim the surface. There is a whole list of great Amazon Alexa Skills just waiting to help you get your life on track. Browse them here.

This post is sponsored by Amazon. All opinions are my own.