It’s not every day that a product comes along and truly changes the way we experience sound. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you the latest innovation from Status: the Between 3ANC Wireless Earbuds. These aren’t just any earbuds; they’re a testament to the evolution of audio technology.

Triple Driver Acoustics: A Symphony in Your Ears

The Between 3ANC boasts a triple-driver system, ensuring that every note, every beat, and every sound is delivered with unparalleled clarity. This system combines two balanced armature drivers with one dynamic driver in each earbud. The result? An ultra-wide frequency response that brings your favorite tracks to life.

Active Noise Cancelling

We live in a noisy world. From the hum of traffic to the chatter of a busy café, distractions are everywhere. But with the Between 3ANC’s hybrid active noise cancellation, you can tune out up to 38 decibels of ambient noise. Whether you’re working, commuting, or just relaxing, these earbuds let you focus on what matters most: the music.

More Than Just Sound

  • Transparency Mode: Ever been in a situation where you needed to quickly tune into your surroundings without removing your earbuds? With the push of a button, the Between 3ANC’s transparency mode lets you do just that. It’s perfect for quick conversations or ensuring you’re aware of your environment.
  • Built for the Active Audiophile: Rain or shine, workout or chillout, these earbuds are designed to be your constant companion. With an IPX-5 water resistance rating, they can handle sweat, splashes, and even a surprise downpour.
  • Crystal Clear Calls: In our digital age, clear communication is key. The Between 3ANC doesn’t disappoint, offering six beamforming microphones with environmental noise reduction. Whether you’re on a Zoom call, Skype meeting, or just catching up with a friend, you can trust these earbuds to deliver flawless audio.
  • Customize Your Experience with the Status App: Available for both iOS and Android, the Status App lets you tweak your listening experience to perfection. From changing modes to receiving firmware updates, it’s all at your fingertips.

The Between 3ANC Wireless Earbuds are more than just a pair of earbuds; they’re a statement. A statement that says you value quality, innovation, and an unparalleled listening experience. With a current price tag of $199 (down from $249), they offer a premium experience without the premium price tag.