Managing your health doesn’t have to be a chore if you make use of the various gadgets and gizmos designed to give you a helping hand.

Of course picking between the many products available is tricky in its own right, so to narrow down your options here is a look at the top items available this year.

Man jogging

Fitbit Sense

A leading brand in the fitness tracker space, the critically acclaimed Sense is Fitbit’s most advanced gadget to date, factoring in a whole host of abilities that allow it to measure everything from your pulse rate and blood oxygen to how much stress you are experiencing at any one time.

Axon Optics Glasses

If you suffer migraines, then you know how much of a challenge this can be. Thankfully, you can invest in glasses which help alleviate migraine symptoms so that even if a powerful headache strikes, you are prepared to minimize its impact and get on with your day undisrupted.

Tangram Skipping Rope

Skipping is a hugely impactful workout routine, and if you want to see just how many calories you burn while doing it, then this smart rope from

Tangram is a good investment. Like all good smart health gadgets, it can feed the data it collects to a mobile or tablet so you can see real time insights into your performance.

Withings Body+ Smart Scale

Watching your weight has been a way to measure health and fitness for decades, but this intelligent, connected scale device is ideal for achieving this in a more informative way, and can encompass a whole household thanks to its sensible settings. A companion smartphone app lets you see gains and losses on the fly, and it should be easier to hit your goals as a result of the motivation it provides.

Muse 2 Headband

Make the most out of meditation sessions thanks to this intriguing headband, which is claimed to be able to detect brain activity and feed this into an app that can inform you of any changes you need to make to your technique. While the science may be dubious, the results seem to be improved levels of relaxation and less stress, according to loyal users, so something must be working.

Atmotube Pro Air Quality Monitor

Worried about the quality of the air in the environment you are in at any one time? This portable detector will let you know all about key metrics that will help you determine whether or not any respiratory conditions you have may be exacerbated if you stick around for too long.

Pulseroll Plus

Knotted muscles are a common complaint for anyone who has undergone an intense workout, but with this simple yet effective gadget you can release the tension in your connective tissues and avoid the soreness that is associated with high octane exercise. Great for dealing with all sorts of fitness-related aches and pains, it will help you maximize your warm down routine at the end of each and every session.