I’m not going to lie, I felt a little left out of the whole hoverboard/balance board/mini segway trend. Whatever you may call it, all I knew was that my friends were getting them, and I was the only one not gliding across my apartment floors on two wheels. Thankfully for Alienwheels.com, they were kind enough to send me one of their Alienboard B1 hoverboards to review.

I was eager to get started with it so I decided to skip creating an unboxing video and just tear it open. Here’s what was inside the packaging:

  • 1 x AlienBoardTM B1 Camo Blue Electric Scooter
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Users Manual
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x FREE Carry Bag

Alienboard Hoverboard

Alienboard Balance Board

Alienboard Power Button and Charging Port

Alienboard B1 Remote Control

How to Ride a Hoverboard

For first-timers like myself, getting started was a little rocky. I recommend holding onto a chair or something sturdy when first trying to board. The best tip I can give anyone is to just do it, and try getting on as fast as possible. I’ve seen other people hesitant to get on the hoverboard, which usually results in them wiping out.

Once you’re successfully on the hoverboard, the key is to find your center. After you have that and feel like you can stand up straight, the rest is easy. Just leaning ever-so-slightly will have you moving in no-time. Just don’t lean too much or else you might go too fast for your liking.

The one thing I found troubling is the dismount. Once again, if you’re hesitant and second-guess yourself you’re bound to fall or trip. I recommend getting off the hoverboard the same way you got on it; fast. It’s as if you’re stepping up to the next step, or in this case down a step.

Hoverboard Discount Code

AlienWheels.com was kind enough to provide my readers with a discount code on their hoverboards. Use my code ‘joesdaily’ to receive discounts off of the following Alienboards:

Huge thanks to AlienWheels.com for sending me their Alienboard B1 to review. I’m loving the blue camo. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends who might want to buy a hoverboard.

Editor’s Note: Alienboard’s are powered by Battery with Samsung Cell. Though Samsung’s batteries are top-quality, it is still recommend for you to only charge your hoverboard for 1-2 hours at a time, and never overnight or when not being monitored. This is for your safety.