As someone who’s lived in city apartments for their entire adult life, I can attest to what a luxury a decent amount of windows can be. The last place my wife and I rented before purchasing the condo we’re in now was a townhouse with WINDOWS ON TWO SIDES of the unit and, man, did we feel like we were livin’ the dream. Throw in the fact that what little view you do get usually isn’t much to brag about either and it can be pretty easy to get bummed out. Luckily, there’s a really great option for people in my situation: the Atmoph Window (2, to be precise).

Atmoph Window 2

The Atmoph Window 2 is a hi-def smart display that features looped scenes—audio and all—from all over the world, with over a thousand 4K options to choose from. As if that selection wasn’t enough, you also have the option of live-streaming from various locations or even uploading your own videos like, say, from that recent vacation you took.

If you happen to be a plant-lover, like my wife, and also lament the lack of windows because it makes it impossible to have an “adequate” amount of indoor plants around, you can actually get an LED Light Module that works to mimic the illumination benefits of a real window, for both you and the plants you’re trying to grow. And if you happen to be a techie nerd, like me, you can also get a Camera Module option so your view can actually change perspective as you move as well as use the window as a means to check in on your home when you’re away.

Atmoph Window 2

Of course, there are tons of other really cool things about the Atmoph Window (like how you can use up to three together to create a panorama, or how it has amazing speakers, or how you can use it to check in on the weather and your plans for the day, pair it with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa, or…) but, as the list goes on and on, we’ll just let you check all of that out for yourselves here.

The Atmoph 2 is available for preorder on Indegogo now.