Every year technology evolves and adapts in incredible ways, and 2014 isn’t going to be any different. At the beginning of the year, the CES showed the amazing innovations we can expect to hit our shelves, and just three months into the year the excitement is already reaching boiling point.

Here are just some of the amazing technologies expected this year, which could completely reshape our future.

4K TVs

Our viewing experience is always being improved, with the release of thinner devices, curved TVs and the move to HD. The next big thing is set to be 4K, which delivers four times the picture resolution of 1080p Full HD.

These TVs, which are already becoming available from most major manufacturers, are a massive move forward in terms of image quality and are set to fundamentally change the way we consume entertainment. This year will see 4K TVs move more mainstream, becoming more affordable and widely available.

Driverless Cars

Capturing attention at the CES 2014 was the concept of driverless cars. Although it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, vehicles that require no driver are making tracks towards the future.

Chip-maker Nvidia and Google are partnering with a number of car brands, including GM, Honda, Audi and Hyundai to install Android technology into commercial vehicles. Apple are also developing iOS car technology, and Microsoft already uses “Embedded Automative” software in Kia, Ford, Fiat and Nissan vehicles. The company announced their Auto PC initiative at CES, alongside Samsung and car brands Citroen, Nissan and Hyundai.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Oculus Rift
While some may speculate that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are a closing chapter in the next-gen console market, innovations in gaming have never been more exciting. Enter the Oculus Rift. This virtual reality delivers a fully immersive experience, which could change the way we play forever.

Pioneering virtual reality, the Oculus Rift could be applied to console, PC and mobile gaming to let you step into a digital casino to play a hand of Rush Poker or find yourself on the battlefield of the latest Call of Duty release. Although there are still some creases to iron out, the Oculus Rift is expected to hit our shelves late this year.

Google Glass

Google Glass w/ Headset

Another head-mounted gadget making waves is the highly anticipated Google Glass. Google claims that these simple little specs deliver the equivalent of a 25-inch HD display when viewed eight feet away. The built in camera, storage and headphones that send vibrations directly through the small bones of your ear will allow you to interact with the world around you in a completely new way.

The Beta version of the gadget is currently available to some, but the coming months could see the full release of Google Glass and the inevitable global popularity it will bring.

The iPhone 6

Rumours are rife over the iPhone 6, with some predicting a radical wraparound screen design. While these concepts are purely speculation, the current consensus seems to be that Apple’s latest smartphone release will feature a larger and curved architecture with a durable sapphire glass screen.

The specs, price and release date are yet to be announced so for the time being, iPhone fans will have to wait in anticipation for the flagship device.