This past Wednesday, Amazon unveiled several new products in the Echo family lineup, including a 2nd-gen Echo, the Echo Plus, and Echo Connect. While everything looks pretty great in the way of upgrades and functionality, a clear favorite has emerged since the dust has settled: the Amazon Echo Spot.

Earlier this year, Amazon released the Echo Show—a device with all of the function of the original, but with a camera and handy touchscreen. Not only could you do things like play music and manage a to-do list, but you could see who was at the front door and make video calls too. While the Echo Show seemed more ideal for common areas such as a kitchen or living room, it didn’t quite feel like the best of options for a space like a bedroom. Though this is pretty unfortunate when you consider how helpful it could be in starting your day, it’s clear that the creators at Amazon recognized these things. And so we now have the Echo Spot.

Amazon Echo Spot on Desk

On probably just about every post you see covering the new device, you’re going to find words like “adorable” and “cute”. Why? Because it is. I’m sure it has everything to do with its small size, round face, and large eye (2.5-inch screen) that subconsciously recalls what we find so charming about baby animals. But the important thing to take away here is, not only will this helpful device fit perfectly on your nightstand, but it will probably be something pretty pleasant to wake up to as well.

As for functionality, the Spot is essentially a smart alarm clock that has the same capability as the Show. You can use it to get an update on the day’s events, see what the weather is going to be like, check the baby cam, make video calls, and (of course) wake yourself up.

The Echo Spot is already available for pre-order for just $130. It is set to begin shipping on December 19th.