Stepping into the future of technology, Apple has recently unveiled the Apple Vision Pro, an innovation that promises to redefine the way we interact with the digital world.

What is Apple Vision Pro?

The Vision Pro is a spatial computer that seamlessly combines digital content with the real world, ensuring users maintain a connection with their surroundings. Built on the world’s first spatial operating system, visionOS, it allows users to interact with digital content in a way that makes it feel like a tangible part of their environment.

Unlike traditional displays, Vision Pro presents an infinite canvas for apps, transcending the boundaries of a typical screen. Users can control this fully three-dimensional user interface with the most intuitive inputs imaginable – their eyes, hands, and voice. The device’s groundbreaking design features an ultra-high-resolution display system with 23 million pixels across two displays, powered by custom Apple silicon in a dual-chip design. These specifications promise an experience that feels like it’s taking place right in front of the user’s eyes, in real time.

Apple Vision Pro specs
Apple Vision Pro is designed to sustain high-performance workloads and is capable of running for two hours on a single charge.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, marks this as the “beginning of a new era for computing.” From introducing personal computing with Mac and mobile computing with iPhone, Apple is now pioneering spatial computing with the Vision Pro. As a product of decades of Apple innovation, the Vision Pro stands apart with its revolutionary new input system and a host of groundbreaking features.

Apple Vision Pro Specs

Apple Vision Pro stands at the pinnacle of hardware and software innovation, integrating a range of revolutionary features into a single compact design that redefines the boundaries of personal computing. Let’s delve deeper into its outstanding specifications:

A Groundbreaking Three-Dimensional Interface:

Built on visionOS, Vision Pro introduces a new level of spatial computing with its three-dimensional interface. This cutting-edge feature enables apps to transcend the boundaries of traditional displays, responding dynamically to natural light and casting realistic shadows. Interaction is intuitive, using the user’s eyes, hands, and voice as input methods.

visionOS introduces new platform for developers
visionOS introduces an all-new platform for developers to create amazing app experiences. And with the App Store on Apple Vision Pro, it’s easy for users to discover new apps or access hundreds of thousands of familiar iPhone and iPad apps at a larger-than-life scale.

EyeSight Technology:

EyeSight is a significant innovation that underlines the user-centric design of the Vision Pro. When another person approaches a user wearing Vision Pro, the device appears transparent, allowing direct eye contact and non-verbal cues. Additionally, EyeSight provides visual indications to others about what the user is focusing on.

Woman demoing Apple Vision Pro in living room

Unrivaled Hardware Innovation:

The Vision Pro houses a breathtaking ultra-high-resolution display system that integrates micro-OLED technology to pack 23 million pixels across two small displays. In collaboration with custom catadioptric lenses, this tech delivers sharp visuals and realistic experiences. Vision Pro users with vision correction needs can also use ZEISS Optical Inserts for visual fidelity and precise eye-tracking.

Advanced Spatial Audio System:

The Vision Pro’s Spatial Audio system creates immersive audio experiences that align sounds with the user’s environment. Two individually amplified drivers in each audio pod offer Personalized Spatial Audio, based on the user’s unique head and ear geometry.

Advanced spatial audio system on Vision Pro
Featuring the most advanced Spatial Audio system ever, Apple Vision Pro creates the feeling that sounds are coming from the environment around the user. Dual-driver audio pods positioned next to each ear deliver personalized sound and adapt to the environment.

High-Performance Eye Tracking:

The Vision Pro incorporates a robust eye-tracking system with high-speed cameras and a ring of LEDs that project invisible light patterns onto the user’s eyes for quick, intuitive input.

Powerful Dual-Chip Design:

The Vision Pro is powered by Apple’s M2 and R1 chips. The M2 chip ensures unparalleled standalone performance, while the R1 chip processes input from multiple cameras, sensors, and microphones. It ensures that digital content feels like it’s appearing right in front of the user’s eyes, streaming new images to the displays 8x faster than the blink of an eye.

Battery Performance:

Apple Vision Pro is designed for extended usage. When plugged in, it supports all-day use, and it also comes with an external, high-performance battery that allows up to two hours of standalone use.

Privacy and Security:

The Vision Pro ensures industry-leading privacy and security. It introduces Optic ID, a secure authentication system that analyses a user’s iris to unlock the device instantly. A user’s Optic ID data is encrypted and never leaves the device, ensuring privacy. Furthermore, eye-tracking information is private, and data from the camera and other sensors is processed at the system level, maintaining the user’s surroundings’ privacy while enabling spatial experiences.

How much does Apple Vision Pro cost?

Despite being packed with innovative features and industry-leading technology, Apple has ensured that the Vision Pro is accessible to consumers. The Apple Vision Pro is priced at $3,499 in the U.S., positioning it as a premium device in line with Apple’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology in its products.

When will Vision Pro be available?

The availability of Apple Vision Pro is anticipated with excitement. Customers eager to get their hands on this groundbreaking technology will not have to wait long. The Vision Pro will be available early next year at Apple Store locations and on in the U.S., with availability in more countries coming later in the year. To facilitate a smooth transition to this revolutionary technology, customers will also be able to learn about, experience, and personalize their fit for Vision Pro at Apple Store locations.

The introduction of the Apple Vision Pro signifies not just another product launch, but the ushering in of an exciting new era in personal computing. Its unparalleled specs and innovative features herald a revolution in the way we interact with technology, blurring the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds in ways previously only dreamed of. Spatial computing has truly arrived with the Apple Vision Pro, a testament to Apple’s relentless pursuit of innovation and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. As we anticipate its availability early next year, it’s clear that Vision Pro is poised to redefine our experiences with technology, changing our lives in profound and exciting ways. Get ready for a computing revolution like no other. The future is here, and it’s spatial.