Between work, social media, gaming, and just general browsing, most of us spend several hours a day on a computer. Far be it from me to tell you how to live but, if you’re investing so much of your life using a particular device, why not make it more enjoyable? The Retro Classic Keyboards by Azio were designed to be reminiscent of a classy classic typewriter, and can definitely add a little more to your typing experience. The bodies consist of a sleek metal-plated frame and leather top plate, with round raised keycaps. Just one look and it’s clear that they have a lot to offer in the way of making any desk look a little better.

The Retro Classic keyboard can be used by both Bluetooth and USB and is compatible with both PC and Mac. As for the battery life, it can last for 1-2 months while beautifully backlit, or an impressive year+ if not. So, if the quality and aesthetics weren’t enough to sell you on this keyboard, there are other features that will. Though, I admit, imagining the feel and sound of using the keys was probably enough for me.

Azio’s Retro Classic is available in 4 styles and can be purchased here for $219.99.

ONYX black leather with black chromed frame

Azio Retro Classic Keyboard - Onyx

POSH white leather with copper matte frame

Azio Retro Classic Keyboard - Posh

ARTISAN black leather with copper matte frame

Azio Retro Classic Keyboard - Artisan

ELWOOD walnut wood with gunmetal matte frame

Azio Retro Classic Keyboard - Elwood