If you have been following along with the rest of the world, then you are probably familiar with how popular Fortnite is. I for one am addicted to the Battle Royale gameplay and can’t stop streaming it on Twitch. You can find me on there as JoesDailyGames.

I was inspired to write this post after noticing a trend of questions coming from the chat of some of the top Fortnite players. A common request is to know what sort of equipment they’re using. From their mousepad and monitor to their preference in microphones, boom arms, etc.

My Top Microphone Setup for Streaming: Blue Yeticaster

Blue Yeticaster

When it comes to headphones and microphones, my choice has always been Blue. They have a vast suite of products for both consumers and prosumers that are top quality, and even more importantly, extremely affordable. Their Yeticaster package may be my favorite product collection to date, because it features everything you will need to get started. Here’s all that you get for just $199 USD.

Yeti USB Microphone

Chances are you have heard of the Yeti USB mic by now. It’s by far one of Blue’s most popular mics. Not just for its affordability and handsome looks, because it does look mighty good on your desk, but because of its outstanding quality. Did I mention it’s extremely easy to use, too?

Blue Yeti Microphone

Compass Premium Broadcast Boom Arm

If you’re a gamer, or in this case a streamer, you probably won’t want your microphone on your desk. It will obstruct your keyboard and mouse, so you will need a good boom arm to keep it floating out of the way. This year, Blue released their Compass Premium Broadcast Boom Arm, a sleek accessory designed for Yeti, that features built-in cable management, internal springs, and a smooth, quiet operation. You will love the way it looks on your desk and in your stream.

Blue Compass Premium Broadcast Boom Arm

You simply can’t go wrong with Blue products. I want to thank them for always sending out their latest products for review. They are the best in the business!

But wait, there’s more

Having a great audio setup like the Blue Yeticaster is just the start to becoming a great streamer, podcaster, etc. There’s so much more to learn and I plan on sharing with you everything I know. Please stay tuned for more Twitch streaming advice over the next few months.

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