Whether it was your intention or not, chances are you already have a smart home. A “smart home” doesn’t have to be a fully connected home either, with digital thermostats, smart lights and digital locks. It can be something as simple as your smart TV. And if this year’s CES is any indication well, we can be sure that connected homes are here to stay.

You might remember me featuring the Bitdefender BOX 1st Gen a few months back. Upon review, I learned how truly connected my home was without even knowing it. It was quite scary to find out how many devices I had online, and with no security protecting them, too. Luckily, with the Bitdefender BOX and app, I was able to keep track how many threats that came through and were effectively blocked. Out of the 6 protected devices, over 150 threats were blocked. Yowza!

Bitdefender BOX App

Bitdefender BOX to the Rescue

This week at CES 2017, my friends at Bitdefender unveiled their latest creation, the Bitdefender BOX 2nd Gen. Similar to their 1st Gen box, the 2nd Gen comes equipped with their award-winning malware protection, URL blacklist, device management, private line, and vulnerability assessment. Though these features are already top notch in its class, as Bitdefender BOX is the first hardware smart security solution since its launch in April 2015, they’ve come up with a slew of new security features that you’ll love. They include:

  • Advanced Privacy & Data Protection
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Home Network Access Controls
  • Powerful Hardware
  • and a completely new box design

The new box becomes available Summer 2017, and I for one am excited to get it setup in my home office. I’ve had close personal friends of mine who were victims of hackers and it turned their lives upside down. Had they had Bitdefender, this wouldn’t have been an issue. It’s nice to know brands like Bitdefender have our backs in a very connected world.

Bitdefender at CES 2017

This week, if you find yourself in Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017), you must check out the Bitdefender Smart House, located at the Sands A – C #40550. There you will be able to check out the new Bitdefender BOX 2nd Gen firsthand.

Bitdefender BOX CES 2017