CORSAIR, a leading force in PC gaming hardware, has once again set a benchmark in the world of custom PC builds with the launch of its new dual chamber PC cases, the 6500 and 2500 Series. These latest offerings from CORSAIR are not just an upgrade but a revolutionary step forward, promising an unmatched level of customization, ease of building, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re assembling a formidable gaming powerhouse or a sleek micro ATX setup, the 6500 and 2500 Series are designed to accommodate every builder’s dream with their innovative features and design.

Dual Chamber Design: Efficiency Meets Aesthetics

CORSAIR Dual Chamber 6500 and 2500 Series

The heart of the 6500 and 2500 Series lies in their dual chamber layout. This ingenious design separates the cooling and cable management zones, enabling more direct airflow to thermally demanding components and a nearly cable-free view within the main chamber. The cases are compatible with the latest reverse connector motherboards, such as the ASUS BTF and MSI Project Zero, which feature connections discreetly placed behind the motherboard tray. This compatibility, especially when combined with the CORSAIR iCUE LINK ecosystem, simplifies the building process and enhances the visual cleanliness of your build.

Cooling and Customization: A Builder’s Paradise

The 6500D AIRFLOW and 2500D AIRFLOW variants are engineered for peak cooling performance, featuring fully mesh panels that cater to the airflow requirements of high-end components. For enthusiasts who prioritize aesthetics, the 6500X and 2500X models offer tempered glass panels for a stunning showcase of your PC’s interior. Regardless of the model, these cases provide ample radiator mounting locations, ensuring that your build stays cool under pressure.

User-Friendly Features for an Effortless Building Experience

CORSAIR’s commitment to convenience is evident in every aspect of the 6500 and 2500 Series. With features like one-twist Quikturn™ fan screws, tool-free removable panels, and flexible doubleshot grommets, assembling a PC has never been easier or more enjoyable. Moreover, these cases offer extensive personalization options, from vertical GPU mounts to alternative panel materials, allowing builders to express their unique style.

A Legacy of Innovation

“A strong legacy to uphold” is how Aaron Neal, Director of DIY Product Marketing at CORSAIR, describes the company’s approach to the 6500 and 2500 Series. By honoring the success of previous models while introducing a plethora of new features, CORSAIR aims to enhance the PC building experience significantly. These cases are a testament to CORSAIR’s dedication to innovation and its commitment to the DIY community.

Availability and Support

The 6500 and 2500 Series are now available for purchase through the CORSAIR website and its global network of authorized retailers and distributors. Each case comes with a two-year warranty and the backing of CORSAIR’s worldwide customer service and technical support network. For those looking to embark on a new PC build, the 6500 and 2500 Series offer the perfect foundation, especially when paired with CORSAIR’s new iCUE LINK RX Series fans for unparalleled cooling performance.